Reinhard Hauff

Julika Rudelius

17 Sep - 30 Oct 2010

© Julika Rudelius
Where do we Migrate To?, 2005,
Video Projection, DVD, Ed. 7 + 2 AP, 07.10 min
„One of Us“

17.09. – 30.10.2010

Galerie Reinhard Hauff is pleased to announce „One of Us“, the third solo exhibition by Julika Rudelius (*1968 in Cologne) at the 11th Art Alarm gallery tour in Stuttgart. The New York and Amsterdam based video artist has become known in recent years for works that confront the viewer with people from all different kinds of backgrounds. In complex, often multi-channel video installations she provides insights into attitudes and practices that are usually not disclosed before the camera, but only within a selected group. She deals with prejudices and stereotypes that determine our daily behavior and are the foundation of our social coexistence. The ambivalent feelings of intimacy and distance that form the basis for the exactly scripted shots creates simultaneous feelings of identification with and rejection of the people she portrays. Her films are often based on dialogue in conversational situations. The brief moments when the protagonists step beyond their specific roles, where everything, so to speak, that the work addresses comes together in a small, often unconscious gesture or action are the moments that Julika Rudelius is aiming for. Here – at best – the
staging becomes reality.

„One of Us“ is Julika Rudelius‘ latest work, which was created this summer in Miami. „One of Us“ is about the love between perfect couples, whose self-image is particularly determined by their relationship. The apparent intimacy of these couples, who are seen kissing, dancing and displaying affection, has nothing to do with the voyeuristically staged intimacy seen in the mass media. It comes across as hermetical, self-contained, romantic, tragic. The ruthlessness of the amazingly beautiful images of couples that Julika Rudelius captures with her camera is somehow disturbing. „Individualism for two“ is the term the artist uses to describe this escape into the private sphere, where nothing else matters except the joy of being together. Luckily, the vows of love feel like they have been quoted from a pop song. There is a delicate balance between surprise and emotionality when a woman who has been with her partner for ten or twenty years or more confesses: „My life with you is the best thing in my life. You make me happy. I am happy within myself yet with you, what a party.“

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