Haris Epaminonda

10 Oct - 05 Dec 2009

© Haris Epaminonda
Untitled #08 l/g, 2009
three found framed images
dimensions variable,

10.10.2009 - 05.12.2009

Rodeo is very pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in the gallery of Haris Epaminonda.
Using collected material, images as well as found objects Epaminonda proposes her way of seeing things. Visual as well as formal associations, relations between different forms from different sources, books bought in second hand stores and sculptures ranging from the history of art collected carefully in time.

New dynamics are realized between existing architectural elements and details inserted in the space create new stories; some that before where not be imagined.

As a poet, Epaminonda, uses the physical space; her words are visual fragments and Vol. IV almost an automatic writing, a system in development that only exists in the artist’s mind.

Vol. IV is the continuation of a visual journey that started in the artist’s solo exhibition last spring in Malmö Konsthalle.

Haris Epaminonda (b.1980, lives and works in Berlin) Selected exhibition: Venice Biennale (2007) national representation of Cyprus, participated in the 5th Berlin Biennale, solo exhibition
Malmö Konsthalle (2009) and The Generational: Younger Than Jesus (2009).

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