Rodolphe Janssen

Louis Eisner

05 Jun - 18 Jul 2014

© Louis Eisner
Mountain Stream Ringtone, exhibition view, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, June - July 2014
Mountain Stream Ringtone
5 June - 18 July 2014

Introducing Mountain Stream Ringtone, Belgium’s finest oasis of heightened consciousness.
We bring you peace and awareness through our unique combination of aural satisfaction, visual stimulation and olfactory pleasure. If it pleases you, please inhale deeply and bask in oneness with the universe. Mountain Stream Ringtone provides superior relaxation, rejuvenation, and hydration services.
From our refreshing spring water to our calming decor, we carefully select all that is essential for a well- centered life. You are welcome to breathe in our custom diffused fragrance, take a sip of our revitalizing designer bottled water and gaze at the mesmerizing artwork that surrounds you.
Mountain Stream Ringtone is calling.
T: +32 2 538 54 70

Louis Eisner first heard Mountain Stream Ringtone driving over the Manhattan Bridge above the Sound River. Beckoned to the present moment -- the kingdom of now -- he began to explore the benefits of ceaseless surrender. To this day, he remains wholly devoted to sounding its call.

Listen closely,

Louis Eisner
(Founder and CEO)