Rodolphe Janssen

Marlo Pascual

05 Jun - 18 Jul 2014

© Marlo Pascual
exhibition view, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels
5 June - 18 July 2014

Rodolphe Janssen is pleased to announce an exhibition of new sculptures by Marlo Pascual. This is her first exhibition at the gallery.

For her first solo show with the gallery, Pascual will show a new series of photo based sculptures that continue her play with the relationship between the image and the object. The show revolves around two kinds of display, both use the figure as the foundation with which they engage. Through juxtaposition, she creates new images, encompassing both abstraction and representation, and the relationship between the two. By way of examining our relationship with the figure and the history of figurative art, she plays with our understanding of those histories. By either repelling vision through direct blunt actions, as with the marble pieces, or by their silent invasive presence, as with the upside down women, Pascual creates uncanny psychological encounters with these figures

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