Ron Mandos

Theatre of Obsessions

27 Oct - 22 Dec 2007


Artists Anonymous
Eva & Adele
Hans van Bentem

27.10.07 - 22.12.07

RONMANDOS Amsterdam is proud to present the group exhibition, including a sleepy yet creepy installation from Artists Anonymous, work from the colourful and controversial duo Eva & Adele and a number of beautiful chandeliers from Hans van Bentem.
The artist’s collective Artists Anonymous will create a site specific installation for this exhibition. The installation is set up as if one accidentally enters an unknown chamber, in the middle of the night into. Shadows are deformed and strange sounds surround you. The light in the chamber is dim, the only illumination originating from pictures in the furniture, which act as fragmented fantasies and dreams, not as innocuous as they may seem. It is quiet, you are curious about this unknown space, yet simultaneously you are aware of an ominous overriding atmosphere.
Eva & Adele, the self proclaimed “Hermaphrodite Twins from the Future”, have become celebrities as “living art” and have carried on making art together and being art together since their official wedding ceremony in 1991. Achieving international recognition and acclaim, the Artists appear at museum openings and major art expositions arrayed in identical dazzling feminine costumes, shaved heads and glittering make-up, fusing art and life and challenging our ideas about art, gender and sexual identity. With a powerful and confrontational message, Eva & Adele defy the conventional description of what an artist is, raising profound social and philosophical questions about contemporary issues with role-playing, narcissism and logo obsession.
For many years Hans van Bentem has been making sculptures of wood, ceramics and glass. In his sculptures he shows a very successful mix of traditional craft work and the rattans of our modern society. He derives inspiration from both high and low culture and mixes them into objects of aesthetic seduction. For this exhibition he allowed himself to be influenced by art historical pictures and comic books. By a magnificent connection between the traditional craft industry, in which his objects have been manufactured, and contemporary subjects he creates surrealistic and at the same time fairy-like objects.

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