Kunstverein am Rosa–Luxemburg–Platz

Elodie Seguin

hall painting

15 Sep - 31 Dec 2019

© Elodie Seguin
hall painting, 2019
hall painting
15 September – 31 December 2019

It’s always a challenge to introduce your artwork into the public space. Particularly so when you work within the field of expanded painting. For our recent wall work Elodie Seguin has defined a unique approach which explores the relationship between several painted objects as well as their organization within and their relation to the given exhibition space. The effect is color as an evocative volume – depending on how it is confronted. In its reductivist tendencies Seguin’s work reveals an obvious affinity to the minimalist tradition. Nevertheless there invariably remains a spontaneous, experimental dimension to her process. The means that the installation will only take it’s definite shape by trial and error during the painting itself.