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A-Level Summer Exhibition Online 2016


13 Jun - 21 Aug 2016

Poppy Raven,
John Leggott College
I am influenced by Ben Tom’s work for Dazed and Confused and have also gathered a lot of inspiration from the Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom for this image. The use of angle and composition that he uses in his films has greatly influenced my work. I am also inspired by Hick Duarte’s series youth and Vivienne Sassen’s work with line and colour, especially coloured film.
Film camera. 21 x 29.7 cm.
Jack Beaumont,
Circle of life.
The Howard School
This image was created in the dark room, it took me a few attempts to get it perfect because I had to expose the photographic paper twice and move the objects around to achieve the desired effect.
12 x 18 cm.
Edmund Gleave,
King Edward’s School, Witley
This piece is based upon gender and the ever growing culture of colours being designated to a person for their gender. Here I am tackling that social construct by influencing pink and blues to contrast the mood of how I truly feel as a person.
Oil paints. 30 x 43 cm.
Alice Kim,
The Tiffin Girls’ School
I wanted to convey the warm and welcoming community that I experienced as a child through my interpretation of the town I grew up in. I chose colours that complimented each other giving a dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere and inspired by the artist, Gerhard Richter, I created a blurred, fading effect. This conveyed the gradual disappearance of the warmth and hospitality of society as I grew up.
Oil on canvas. 120 x 180 cm.
Alice Bee,
Scrap bot (SCRAPPIE).
Southgate School
I Wanted to make a companion out of found scrap metal found in various places.
Scrap metal, wood,plastic, wires. 60 x 180 x 50 cm.
George Weston,
Merchant Taylors School
I have always had very vivid dreams which I am extremely fascinated by. I decided to record them in sketch or note form every night. This painting is result of combining my best dreams (including skiing uphill, and exploring a lake in a mountainous desert) and my worst nightmares (including having my hand taken by some ants). There are a lot of other small personal details too. My main influence is Dali: his flawless style, and how he and the Surrealists look towards subconscious delusions (dreams) for inspiration.
Oil Paint. 100 x 100 cm.
Caleb Yule,
The House at the End of the Street.
Varndean College
I took a bus out of town late at night to capture this photo. The only illumination was a streetlight and the passing cars. In reality it was a very dark setting, requiring an exposure time of around 35 seconds. I’ve just started trying to shoot night photography having been hugely inspired by Patrick Joust, whose works in Baltimore are unrivaled in my opinion.
Mamiya C330, Ektar 100 film. 40 x 40 cm.
Eleanor Washington,
Starry Night No. 2.
The Tiffin Girls’ School
This is a piece inspired by the colours used in Sarah Awad’s work. I wanted to capture a very mundane scene, a park bench with a view over a park, in a surreal way.
Acrylic on brown paper. 119 x 84 cm.
Dan Wakefield,
On A Clear Day You Can See Yourself.
John Taylor High School
This piece, inspired in part by Renaissance portraiture, is a representation of my own personal ambitions. The title, in fact, is taken from an American self-help book I once saw on the internet, I’ve never read it, but it sounded kitsch and I liked the sentiment with respect to this painting. My intent was to strip the scene back and suggest a missing link between where I am now and where I want to be in a year’s time. Often we know where we want to be, but there’s something in the way that tries to stop us getting there.
Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm.
Ryan Ward,
For this photograph I was inspired by the storm arising over the sea in the distance. I also liked how there was only one boat which adds a particular mood to the image; a single boat taking on a storm almost.
Photograph. 16 x 12 cm.
13 June — 21 August 2016

Selected from over 2,000 submissions, the A-level Summer Exhibition Online is a showcase of Britain’s best young artistic talent.

This year, 1,400 aspiring artists attending sixth form colleges or schools, submitted their work to the A-level Summer Exhibition Online 2016. Take a look at this exhibition of 46 exceptional works of art, selected by our expert panel: Royal Academician Bob and Roberta Smith, Head of Architecture Kate Goodwin, and RA Schools student Claire Undy.

Having your work chosen to appear in the A-level Summer Exhibition Online is a great achievement for young artists in the UK. Many of these students will go on to develop their talents at art school and in their careers. Students from all over the UK enter their works and the exhibition showcases a rich variety of styles and media: from drawing and video to sculpture and prints, painting and photography.

Held to coincide with the world’s largest open-entry exhibition, the Summer Exhibition, this online equivalent for artists aged 16–18, signals an exciting future for art in this country. Be among the first to discover it now.

“The exhibition includes work that is thoughtful, almost psychedelic, poetic, elegiac, but also funny and romantic. We, the judges, loved looking at the breadth and skill of all the entries. Congratulations to all the young artists who submitted works to the A-Level Summer Exhibition Online. Good luck to all these students, and we hope to see you in Art school!” – Bob and Roberta Smith RA

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