Rüdiger Schöttle

Rodney Graham, Tim Lee, Pamela Rosenkranz

25 Jun - 31 Jul 2010

Exhibition view

25.06. - 31.07.2010

A confrontation between the works of three other artists will be taking place on the ground floor of the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery: key works from past exhibitions will be entering into a dialogue with a new arrival. Concurrently with his exhibition Through the Forest at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Basel (13th June to 26th September 2010), the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery will be showing Rodney Graham’s lightbox piece Potatoes Blocking my Studio Door, 2006, which is meant to be seen within the context of the artist’s performance “Lobbing Potatoes at a Gong” (1969), 2006. Born in Canada in 1949, the artist works in the media of film, photography, painting, installation, literature and music. Operating with a healthy mixture of visual irony, subtlety of expression and conceptual originality, Rodney Graham combines the most diverse levels of everyday life and cultural history.

Born in Korea in 1975 and today living and working in Vancouver, Tim Lee recently completed his DAAD scholarship in Berlin, celebrating the end of his stay inGermany with a solo exhibition at the Arthur Boskamp Foundation in Hohenlockstedt. Implementing the strategies of flipping, spinning, doubling, splitting and cropping, Tim Lee conflates and combines such general notions as nationalism, ethnicity, art history and vernacular culture across various media, causing us to see them in a completely new light, for this double-take effect makes us reconsider not only the formal terms but also the social and cultural terms of what we are looking at.

The artist Pamela Rosenkranz, born in Switzerland in 1979, will be exhibiting at the Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery for the very first time. Whilst it is never present physically, the human body in detail is the central theme of her work. Looking at her sculpture entitled As One, 2010, formed in life-size proportions from transparent, hardened plastic and painted gesturally in flesh-coloured acrylic paint, one cannot help thinking of physical deformity or injury. The sculpture is complemented by a wall piece likewise featuring a taut, painted skin of Spandex. The artist’s works are also on view until 15th August in the exhibition OF OBJECTS, FIELDS, AND MIRRORS at the Kunsthaus in Glarus, Switzerland.
Pamela Rosenkranz lives and works in Zürich.

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