Rüdiger Schöttle

Stefan Rinck

04 Nov - 12 Dec 2006


Stefan Rinck, born in Homburg/Saar in 1973 and one of the most recent discoveries in the history of sculpture, studied sculpture under Stefan Balkenhol and today lives in Berlin. His sandstone sculptures are reminiscent of figures from a mediaeval bestiary or of the gargoyles on cathedral roofs and towers that served to chase away evil spirits and demons. Rinck, who also studied German literature, art history and philosophy, finds his sources of inspiration in various epochs of art, in mythology and in the worlds of make-believe, humorously and imaginatively combining them with contemporary, comic-like imagery. At first glance, his roughly hewn stelae look like archaeological findings from a bygone age, until, that is, we recognize the humour behind them and their subtle combination with elements, for example, of the formal language of the 1970s. The forthcoming exhibition shows the more recent works of Stefan Rinck and offers visitors an excursion through his own personal fairy tale world, from minnesong to Maya the Bee, from Sherlock Holmes to the "Big Bad Wolf".

© Stefan Rinck
Portos, 2006
Sandstein | sandstone
42 x 23 x 15 cm

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