Sadie Coles

Group Exhibition

17 Jan - 16 Feb 2008

Sarah Lucas, TJ Wilcox, Jim Lambie, Wilhelm Sasnal, Hilary Lloyd

For one month Sadie Coles HQ will be filled with FILMS. The exhibition presents an expanded notion of film and is a celebration of this exceptionally diverse and detailed medium, beloved of artists, now being superseded by new digital technologies.

Works will be shown on a variety of formats, specifically 35mm slides, video, 8mm and
16mm film. Each week will showcase work by a different artist:

Sarah Lucas
Sausage Film, 1990, Betacam SP
The first and only film by Lucas is the epitome of her confrontational style: the artist saucily skins, slices and eats a sausage and a banana.
Thursday 17 – Saturday 19 January

TJ Wilcox
The Death and Burial of the First Emperor of China, 1997, 16mm
‘It was in the ‘70s that they found this tomb. It was guarded by these terracotta warriors and now they have found ten thousand of them...’
Tuesday 22 - Saturday 26 January

Jim Lambie
Ultralow, 1998, Beta SP Video
A metronome for our darker hours...
Tuesday 29 January – Saturday 02 February

Wilhelm Sasnal
Kodachrome, 2006, Super-8 film
Europa, 2007, 16mm film
These two films by Sasnal focus on the medium itself, one using just text and soundtrack to describe a classic movie scene, the other a homage to Kodachrome and its place in 20th century history.
Tuesday 05 – Saturday 09 February

Hilary Lloyd
Princess Julia Slide Projection, 1997, 35mm slides
Lloyd’s first slide projection shows Princess Julia journeying to and from work.
Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 February

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