Sadie Coles

Jonathan Horowitz

30 Apr - 30 May 2009

© Jonathan Horowitz
"Free Store"

30 April 2009 - 30 May 2009
9 Balfour Mews, London W1

In Jonathan Horowitz’s third show at Sadie Coles HQ, 'Free Store', everything is recycled. A new video titled Apocalypto Now is made entirely from found documentary footage and fragments of TV shows and films. Scenes from classic movies are interspersed with obscure bits of media detritus, forming pointed critical connections between disparate fictional and historical accounts. Out of this montage approach, Horowitz constructs incisive new narratives which powerfully reflect on important and topical cultural and political issues. The star of the piece is Mel Gibson, a figure whose avowed Catholic faith is at apparent odds with his public relation catastrophes. The presentation of the film is carbon neutral, with a solar panel just outside the gallery space harnessing energy to fuel the piece. The second work in the show is a modular sculpture titled ‘Free Store'. The piece consists of a series of pedestals built out of recycled plastic planks, which when turned upside down become bins.

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