Sadie Coles


02 Aug - 02 Sep 2006


The Summer Show at Sadie Coles HQ presents editions by five of the gallery's artists: John Currin, Sarah Lucas, Angus Fairhurst, Urs Fischer and Elizabeth Peyton. John Currin's exquisitely worked series of seven etchings, Milestones, 2006, exemplify the artist's skill in this technique and in depicting the figure in a variety of twisted circumstances. Sarah Lucas's portfolio brings together her iconic self-portraits from the 1990s in which she uses her own image to pose some of the big questions and challenge received values. In Elizabeth Peyton's new prints the artist experiments with a range of printing techniques to quite different painterly effect. In a series of three works, each titled Unprinted, Angus Fairhurst extends into print recent collages using layered magazine advertisements with the figures and text removed. Thinking about Stortebeker, Urs Fischer's portfolio of prints, brings together edgily funny and brazen imagery to create bizarre visual puns.

© John Currin
from Milestones, 2006
portfolio of seven etchings with aquatint and dry-point
each: 46cm x 37cm

Tags: John Currin, Angus Fairhurst, Urs Fischer, Sarah Lucas, Elizabeth Peyton