Sadie Coles

T.J. Wilcox

02 May - 16 Jun 2007

A Fair Tale
"Sadie Coles HQ"

For his fourth show at Sadie Coles HQ, the American artist T.J. Wilcox presents three separate films united under one title, A Fair Tale (Extended Mix), as well as six large-scale collages relating to the film's protagonists. All three films are biographical collages which incorporate a mixture of found footage and original film, and continue the artist's modernist investigation into the genres of narrative film.
The longest of the three films, A Fair Tale takes us on an enchanted journey through small-town America in the 1970s, a silent memory seen through a child's eyes and narrated with short, clear subtitles. The other films in the exhibition trilogy, Sissi and The Jerry Hall Story, track the lives of two iconic women living in very different times. Sissi focuses on the tragic life of the Bavarian heroine, Empress Elizabeth of Austria; The Jerry Hall Story tells the unlikely rags-to-riches story of the iconic model who started her career after winning eight-hundred dollars in compensation after a car accident.

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