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07 Mar - 30 Apr 2017

Magic Kingdom
© Sala Rekalde
Magic Kingdom
07 March – 30 April 2017

In the Abstract Cabinet, Sala Rekalde presents the exhibition Ätakontu included in the barriek 2017 programme, whose purpose is to display work by artists who have been awarded Grants for Artistic Creation by the Regional Council of Bizkaia.

Ätakontu (Ibai León and Sara Campillo), a multi-disciplinary project that is midway between the world of art and fashion. Its work is based on illustration and textile printing (traditional and digital).

This project seeks to exceed the limits of paper and two-dimensionality of its screen printing and illustrations in search of a more object-focused expression of their work, in order for it to be an installation, a stage design.They use everything within reach as a means of expression in a recreational exercise in total freedom.

Their references include toys from the 1990s, geometries and colours of retro garments, references to reality shows... to Hockney's swimming pools, Blinky Palermo's elegant work, the Murakami funfairs and the tackiest part of Koons pop.
Everything we love.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country-UPV, Ibai León and Sara Campillo have received different awards and production grants from centres of the ilk of the BilbaoArte Foundation, Arteleku and the Bizkaia and Álava Provisional Councils.

Ätakontu has exhibited its multi-disciplinary project in different countries (Spain, Portugal and Mexico), spaces and museums such as the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Wurth Museum (La Rioja), 3+1 Gallery (Lisbon) and festivals including the Benicassim FIB.

They currently live and work in their studio in Bilbao where they combine their exhibition projects with fashion-related events. They have twice taken part in the Ego Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (Madrid) & South 36- 32N (Cadiz), among others.

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