Sala Rekalde

ArtisTEAndo en familia

09 - 13 Jun 2017

9 June - 13 June 2017

The Sala Rekalde gallery, in cooperation with the aprendeTEA Association, presents the annual end-of-school-year exhibition of the TEAller de arte en familia family art workshop programme. This exhibition will be open to the public on 8-13 June 2017.

The idea is to showcase works produced in the course of academic year 2016-2017 in the context of the temporary exhibitions hosted by Sala Rekalde. The gallery works with the aprendeTEA Association to provide an educational leisure space for families with children affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Taking the initiatives implemented at the Queen’s Museum in New York and the ICO Museum in Madrid as a reference, we have developed specific workshops in recent years that enable us to provide access to contemporary art and creative activities. At these workshops families can enjoy current art in a controlled setting and can learn techniques and discover materials. They also serve to encourage active participation, as works are discussed by everyone.

As in the case of the Empower Parents programme, we focus on the use of visual media and routines such as pictograms to help children to adapt better to the setting and understand the activities properly, beginning with their parents at home helping them to look forward to the workshops then moving onto welcoming them and reminding them of the rules before they start to work on different tasks.

The TEAller de arte en familia programme began as a number of one-off sessions in which different families participated, but they proved so popular and enjoyable for families that they have turned into an annual programme involving 10-12 families divided into two groups, with workshop sessions on each exhibition hosted at Sala Rekalde.

Many families state that the more they attend these workshops the more enjoyable all members find them. Many have also observed that their children have learned how to act in a museum or exhibition setting in terms of observing rules of behaviour and understanding the purpose of their visits. For all these reasons, we now want to share the results of the 2016-2017 sessions, in the hope that we shall be able to continue organising this program for a long time to come.