Sala Rekalde

If you go, write me when you get there

21 Jun - 29 Jul 2007

Periferiak07 / Special Edition

June 21st - July 29th, 2007

Coordinators: Oier Etxebarria and Miren Jaio

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the two senses of the term edere are 'to publish' and 'to produce games'. The combination of these meanings provides a fine definition of the act of 'editing', derived from the Latin root: openness to the endless possibilities of play through taking on social responsibility within the public sphere.

The exhibition and editing workshop Si vas, escríbeme a la llegada / If you go, write me when you get there is being presented in the Abstract Cabinet of sala rekalde within the framework of Periferiak07, a programme of projects that is being developed in public open and institutional spaces within the urban environment. The programme is structured this year around the idea of edition. It all began in Livorno in 2003 and, amongst others, participants have included Joaquim Jordi, Jorgen Leth, Paolo Virno and Emine Sevgi Özdamar.

This exhibition-workshop will be a relatively laid-back affair, offering a spatial and conceptual framework in which public presentations and closed sessions can take place, and pooling videos, installations, photographs, drawings, publications and objects, by five artists and collectives: Discoteca Flaming Star, Karl Larsson and Frans Josef Petersson, Jon Mantzisidor, Peter Piller and Isidoro Valcárcel Medina.

If you go, write me when you get there also includes publications by the artists involved in the exhibition, as well as the editions of sculptor Jorge Oteiza's book, Quousque tandem...! Ensayo de interpretación estética del alma vasca / Quousque tandem...! Essay on the aesthetic interpretation of the Basque soul. The latest of them is a critical edition co-edited in 2007 by Jon Etxeberria Plazaola and Amador Vega.

The proposals covered by the Abstract Cabinet share references in common: the irreducible nature of text, translation as a form of resistance, autonomy as a condition of art to question the social, and edition as a response to the anxiety brought about by the accumulation of culture.

The programme for 2007 involves other independent projects: Editing workshop, a space for work and discussion around the idea of edition which took place in May in places such as San Francisco Civic Centre, Anti-Liburudenda and AmatauTV; Copy Your Idols! (, an audiolab about the process of appropriation in audio that will take place as part of the UPV/EHU's 'VIII Encuentros Bilbao Arte eta Kultura' in June and, later, in Arteleku in July; Bilbao es una mala copia / Bilbao is a poor copy, a series of interventions and incursions into urban space led by the scenic arts collective Zubiak, between the end of May and the beginning of June; and Kalejira/Pasacalles. Bilbao a través de sus canciones / Kalejira/Pasacalles, Bilbao through its songs, conferences in the Auditorium of Bidebarrieta, walks and performances following the history of the city in other places, from 1 to 6 October.

Tags: Karl Larsson, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Jorge Oteiza, Peter Piller, Discoteca Flaming Star