Sala Rekalde

Juana García-Pozuelo

19 May - 19 Jul 2015

To the End
19 May - 19 July 2015

Sala Rekalde presents an exhibition by Juana García-Pozuelo included in the barriek 2015 programme, whose purpose is to display work by artists who have been awarded Grants for Artistic Creation by the Regional Council of Bizkaia.

A series of paintings are presented in this show in which figure and landscape combine. I draw from these representations to create a series of pictorial allegories, which are inspired by recollections, inner emotions, the history of humanity and my fascination for nature and the psyche.

The titles of the pictures give some keys to interpretation, so the subject referred to by each image can be implicitly deduced, leaving spectators free to link up the elements and create their own reflections through them. The ultimate purpose is complicity between author and spectator, a collaboration in which both are co-creators, because the paintings can activate the imagination and connect with each spectator’s own background.

The production of these scenes draws upon classical painting and, at the same time, is firmly seated in the 21st century. They are the product of the compilation of the great wealth of iconography I employ to provide the foundations for the composition of the sketches. Through a constant search for thematic affinities with other historical and contemporary artists, and the exhaustive gathering of images, literary tales and information concerning the subject in hand, I submerge myself in pictorial work with a great deal of introspection. This procedure eventually stamps the painted scenes with a strong oneiric feel, and this dream component is a characteristic feature in my work.

Execution is always slow, because of the time involved both in preparation, and in the actual conception of the pictorial project. Intuition, contemplation and reflection are the prime intervening factors in this process in which I pay special attention to detail and technique, as well as to the perfectionist resolution of the images. What matters here is the definition of the outlines, and a saturated colour characteristic of back-lit screens.

Because we all share a common thread and are active participants in a constantly changing world, my pictorial work aims to remember those places we sometimes perceive on a plane beyond daily reality, recognizing and honouring them as a part of a history I seek to protect.

J.G. Pozuelo B.


Juana García-Pozuelo, born in Logroño in 1978 and a resident of Bilbao sine 1996, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country and obtained a Master’s degree in Art Creation and Research at the same university.

She completed her training by attending various courses; this involved stays at the New York School of Visual Arts and the Summer School of Fine Art in Salzburg. Her engagement in different art and painting seminars at the Fundación Bilbao Arte must also be mentioned, as well as her more recent participation in the urban exploration course run by artist Mabi Revuelta at the Alhóndiga in Bilbao.

Juana has held seven individual shows in Bilbao, Basauri, Vitoria and Logroño. She has also taken part in many collective shows since 2001 in various geographic locations in Spain, and in the L’oreal Award (which no longer exists) organized by the Regional Council of Alicante, the Fundación Maria José Jové in La Coruña and a number of competitions in Bizkaia and La Rioja.

Included among the awards she has received are the artistic creation grant from the Regional Council of Bizkaia in 2012, residencies at the Fundación Bilbao Arte and at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island in Nueva York, and two prizes in the Painting Contest Parlamento de La Rioja a Joven Adquisición.