Sala Rekalde

Rosa Parma

20 Mar - 22 Apr 2012

© Rosa Parma
MGT/CT, 2012
20 March - 22 April, 2012

Rosa Parma presents the exhibition MGT/CT (Me gusta todo, copio todo), with the works produced during the investigation period enjoyed thanks to the Art Creation Grant of the Regional Council of Bizkaia 2010.

Do it yourself was a message that emerged from the aesthetic philosophy of punk back in the 1970s, impregnating and shaking up contemporary culture by shattering the divide between high and low culture. And what initially arose within this alternative musical movement rapidly spread through whole areas of creation, demanding other models and other ways of making art away from the mainstream.

The women artists linked to the feminist movements harmonised best with these new DIY strategies, as a way of encountering visibility and empowerment. Against the hegemonic culture, they championed a much freer and more spontaneous interdisciplinary attitude, both collectively and individually, grounded in work that did not require any paraphernalia other than simple inexpensive mediums, steering clear of huge infrastructures or a devotion to technical virtuosity.

With an apparently gawky aesthetic and a spirit that straddled collage and do-it-yourself, cut and paste, many women artists began to develop a practice in which the appropriation of all kinds of images, -from advertising and film, music and comics, photography and the press, etc.-, alongside resignification, citation and recontextualisation, let new stories be told. Although video and performance were soon to be incorporated, one of the fundamental tools of this movement was drawing, looked down on up to that point as a poor relation by traditional “great art”. Fast, nimble drawing, unchained by prejudice and to the point, on occasion threaded with irony and a good sense of humour, equally happy to tackle a fanzine as to design a T-shirt.

These creative strategies are in the main what drive MGT/CT (Me gusta todo, copio todo), the project Rosa Parma is presenting in Sala Rekalde, thanks to the award she received from the Regional Council of Bizkaia in 2010. They take the form of drawings on paper and screen prints on methacrylate with which the artist reinterprets the images that seduce her, utilising different mediums and techniques.

Through the title of the show Rosa Parma Rosa Parma discloses the meaning of her proposition, because, in a world drenched with images, “I copy everything because I like everything” and that “I like everything” has a sexual charge for her, which she associates not only with the pictures she draws from the domain of pornography but also with the relation she establishes between pornography and drawing, the former being a private activity that takes on a public dimension, while drawing is an intimate labour that also makes itself known.

This desire to constantly incorporate images so as to draw them also opens out to other territories beyond pornography. As the artist declares: “... I want to draw any image I find attractive, it’s a way of taking possession of it. So I am also a victim of a host of different kinds of photographs, from fashion magazines, the art world or simply beautiful stills that I take from films that interest me. As a referent I use the work of Terry Richardson or of Nan Goldin, but that might also equally be Richard Kern, Sadie Benning or Harmony Korine, amongst others”.

Rosa Parma (Barakaldo, 1979) holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. Drawn by the relation between art and fashion, in 2009 this artist and designer created her own brand of T-shirts, Riot Flesh, and with it won the Jet Lag Bio 2010 Mapa Moda and took part in the Ego Cibeles Showroom in 2011. In addition, at the Fine Arts Faculty of the UPV/EHU, she enrolled in the doctorate course Creation and Investigation in Art, where she developed her theoretical project Dialécticas de lo vivencial y la estética Instantánea. De la Publicidad al Arte, in the company of photographers including Dash Snow and Corinne Day, with whom she obtained the Advanced Studies Diploma. At present, Rosa is building an educational platform within the new emerging art scene in association with the Art T-shirt Festival, through which she aims to generate a circuit where art and fashion converge.

Tags: Sadie Benning, N. Dash, Nan Goldin, Richard Kern, Harmony Korine, Dash Snow