Salon am Moritzplatz

Baghdad Walk

23 - 26 Jun 2022

BAGHDAD WALK is an annual group exhibitions series which takes place in public spaces across the city of Baghdad, Iraq. BAGHDAD WALK IN BERLIN presents selected works by emerging Iraqi artists at Salon am Moritzplatz.

Since 2018, the independent artist group TARKIB has organised an ongoing series of art workshops and seminars in Baghdad in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Irak and the Institut für Raumexperimente in Berlin, which culminate in the exhibition series BAGHDAD WALK. Urban realities and decisive events that have become part of Baghdad’s collective cultural memory are creatively explored and the artists’ works offer moments of reflection.

The exhibition in Berlin reveals how the participating artists develop artistic strategies and narratives in Baghdad’s public spaces. The shared experiences of the interventions on the streets of Baghdad are transferred into an exhibition format presenting photography, video, sound, painting, and documentation of performances and art interventions that collaboratively connect perspectives from Baghdad and Berlin. Works by Berlin-based artists who took part in the seminar series and previously hosted artistic projects in Baghdad are presented in dialogue with works of the participating Iraqi artists. Five of the exhibiting artists from Baghdad as well as the Berlin-based artists will be present at the opening.

With contributions by Tabarek Al Atrakchi, Atef Al Jaffal, Muntadher Amel, Shams Aqeel, Loay Al Hadhary, Fabian Knecht, Hella Mewis, Hussam Mohammed, Ameen Mokdad, Yousr Mokdad, Hussain Muttar, Fatima Dhahi, Hajer Qusay, Zaid Saad, Muhaned Taha, Vlado Velkov, Raul Walch, Basma Watheq.

Tags: Fabian Knecht, Hella Mewis, Zaid Saad, Vlado Velkov, Raul Walch, Christina Werner