Sammlung Goetz

Ulrike Ottinger

29 May - 06 Oct 2012

© Ulrike Ottinger
Floating Food, 2011
7-channel video installation
29 May – 6 October 2012

"The grotesque helps us to endure the gravity of everyday life."
(Ulrike Ottinger)

Coinciding with the Pawel Althamer exhibition, the Goetz Collection presents the newly-acquired work Floating Food, 2011, by German filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger. Floating Food is an audiovisual round-up of the artist’s travels in distant lands and cultures, focusing on two fundamental human needs: food and water.
Ottinger explores cultural phenomena and rituals that may often appear exotic to western eyes, taking us to remote, faraway places that reflect both the beauty and the harshness of human life. Her ethnographic portraits of landscapes and communities frequently possess a fairytale quality that almost imperceptibly blurs the distinction between reality and orchestration.
The 8-channel video installation is complemented by further video works and photographs by Ulrike Ottinger.

Ulrike Ottinger (born 1942 in Konstanz, Germany) lives and works in Berlin.

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