Schinkel Pavillon

Eva Kotatkova

31 May - 20 Jul 2014

Installation view
Anatomical Orchestra
31 May - 20 July 2014

Schinkel Pavillon presents Anatomical Orchestra, the first institutional solo exhibition of Eva Kot’átková (*1982 Prague) in Berlin. In her body of work, the Czech artist consistently focuses on the disciplining of the individual. The corset the individual is forced into by external influences – such as family and school, as well as the rules of society or even e.g. architecture – is being illustrated in various mediums and diverse forms of expressions. With Anatomical Orchestra, Kot’átková concentrates on the interface between the body and the environment. The exhibition space of Schinkel Pavillon is transformed into a surreal stage, where oversized instruments, peculiar prostheses and alike objects await their activation by the human body.

Tags: Eva Koťátková, Eva Kot’átková