Schinkel Pavillon

Henrik Olesen

Hey Panopticon! Hey Assimetry!

08 Sep - 21 Dec 2018

Henrik Olesen: Hey Panopticon! Hey Assimetry!
Exhibition view at Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin, 2018


The exhibition "Hey panopticon! Hey asymmetry!" features new works by henrik olesen, created in response to the architecture of schinkel pavillon as a panoptic platform. Henrik olesen's work has long addressed subcultural visual codes, deploying them to demarcate the ubiquitous gaze of the public. Taking Schinkel Pavillon's 360-degree view as a starting point, the works explore the blurring boundaries between the interior and exterior in a society that increasingly requires people to reveal personal information whilst at the same time sanctioning that which falls outside the norm.

Tags: Henrik Olesen