Schirn Kunsthalle

Michael Sailstorfer

28 May - 31 Aug 2008

Michael Sailstorfer, Zeit ist keine Autobahn - Berlin, 2006
Transformations, contextual shifts, spatial appropriations – the Berlin artist Michael Sailstorfer’s works soon reveal his interest in everyday things and the materials of his immediate surroundings, as well as his casual fascination with these objects’ specific identity and history. Sailstorfer really takes care of these items, breaks them down into their component parts, deforms them, adapts them, and assembles them again, reinterpreting them to create powerful installations. The room they take up is as essential as the space surrounding them. Thus, even smaller objects present themselves as installations integrally connected with the identity of the exhibition venue in terms of contents. Sailstorfer’s works always radiate a feeling for sentiment which has nothing constructed or calculated about it but is part of them and a matter of absolute certainty for the artist. Sailstorfer will produce a new work for the Schirn.
Curator: Matthias Ulrich (Schirn)

Tags: Michael Sailstorfer