Stephan Dillemuth

03 May - 16 Jun 2012

© Stephan Dillemuth
exhibition view, 2010, cc-by-sa
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
3 May - 17 June, 2012

Stephan Dillemuth believes that his possibilities as a visual artist must be conceived in light of the ongoing transformation of the modern public sphere. In thinking about his own role and what he can do with his art, he examines questions such as: to which extent can self-organization and personal and collective integrity be established within the framework of our society of control? With its inherent methods of reflection, analysis, and experimentation, art, he believes, creates beauty, but it also has the potential to change society.

In order to review contemporary issues, Dillemuth sometimes studies historic movements (such as the Lebensreform movement or alternative attempts at social renewal of the 1970s) and situations of social transformation (such as the Munich Soviet Republic of 1918–19), but his experimental artistic means always also call his research in question, generating new insight. The results of these experiments include installations, theatrical performances, and collaborative works as well as videos, lectures, and publications.

Stephan Dillemuth, who was born in Büdingen (DE), lives and works in Munich (DE).

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