The Death of The Audience

03 Jul - 30 Aug 2009


Curated by Pièrre Bal-Blanc

July 3 – Aug 30, 2009

All Exhibition Rooms

In what way are artistic positions from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s relevant to the current situation? The international group exhibition The Death of the Audience looks into the radicalism, utopian and anti-utopian potential of the strategies and form-findings of this period by recontextualising older and recent works of the generation(s) of the now over-fifties and establish a reference to the productions of younger artists. The French curator Pierre Bal-Blanc was invited by the artists’ association to explore this question and develop an exhibition for all of the Secession rooms.
Pierre Bal-Blanc is director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain (CAC) in Brétigny near Paris, where he has carried out major solo exhibitions with David Lamelas, Theresa Margolles, Roman Ondák, Markus Schinwald, Santiago Sierra, Franz Erhard Walther, Clemens von Wedemeyer and Artur Zmijewski, among others. In his international travelling exhibition series La Monnaie Vivante/Living Currency he negotiates current and historical analyses of body and performative strategies in the visual arts.

Tags: David Lamelas, Roman Ondák, Markus Schinwald, Santiago Sierra, Franz Erhard Walther, Franz-erhard Walther, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Artur Zmijewski