SFMoMA Museum of Modern Art

Descriptive Acts

18 Feb - 17 Jun 2012

Aurélien Froment
Pulmo Marina, 2010
HD Cam with sound transferred to QuickTime file, 35mm print, Digibeta tape and Blu-ray disk, 5:10 min;
Collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund purchase;
© Aurélien Froment; photo: Aurélien Froment, Monterey, February 19, 2010
18 February - 17 June, 2012

Language, performativity, and process are preoccupations for many contemporary artists. The works in Descriptive Acts engage with both text and image, foregrounding complex and often fraught acts of description, narration, translation, and communication. The exhibition is presented in two consecutive configurations: Act I (February 18 through April 15, 2012) features works by Aurélien Froment, Dora García, Shilpa Gupta, John Smith, and Tris Vonna-Michell; Act II (April 21 through June 17, 2012) highlights works by Anthony Discenza, Gupta, Lynn Marie Kirby and Li Xiaofei, Smith, and Vonna-Michell.

Tags: Aurélien Froment, Dora García, Shilpa Gupta, John Smith, Tris Vonna-Michell