SFMoMA Museum of Modern Art

The Studio Sessions

03 Jul - 13 Sep 2009

© Kevin Atherton
In Two Minds – Past Version (stills, composite), 1978-2006;
two-channel video installation with sound, 25 min.;
Courtesy the artist

July 03 - September 13, 2009

Taking a behind-the-scenes look at art production, The Studio Sessions explores the theme of the artist in conversation, turning the dialogue about one's art into the subject of the work itself. Professional situations in which artists introduce their ideas and answer questions about their practice — studio visits, artist talks, television appearances, press interviews — are usually considered secondary to making or showing work. In these humorous yet poignantly human works, the artists adapt or subvert these forms of presentation in order to reflect on their process, engaging in a larger discussion about the roles of promotion and audience reception in art. Performance-based videos by Kevin Atherton, General Idea, Christian Jankowski, Mads Lynnerup, and Joe Sola offer unique insights about the realities of being an artist.

Tags: General Idea, Christian Jankowski