Shanghai Biennale


22 Nov 2002 - 20 Jan 2003

4th Shanghai Biennial
Urban creation
22 November 2002 - 20 January 2003

Xu Jiang, President, China Academy of Art (China)
Zheng Shengtian, Independent Curator (Canada)
Sebastián López, Director, Gate Foundation (Netherlands)
Zhang Qing, Director, Shanghai Biennale’s Office (China)

Haluk Akakce
Atelier Bow-wow
Shigeru Ban
Eike Becker
Monica Bonvicini
Angela Bulloch
Los Carpinteros
Alan Chan
Gary Chang
Chen Shaoxiong
Günther Domenig
Dong Yugan
Leandro Erlich
Yona Friedman
Grüntuch & Ernst
Gruppo A12
Andreas Gursky
Pierre Huyghe
Jung Yeondoo
Tadashi Kawamata
Lin Tianmiao / Wang Gongxin
Liu Dahong
Liu Heng
Liu Jiakun
Liu Qinghe
Lu Hao
Luo Yongjin
Greg Lynn
MADA s.p.a.m.
Rahul Mahrotra
Willaim E. Massie
Miao Xiaochun
Architecture Graduate School of Nanjing University
Rob Pruitt
Navin Rawanchaikul
Pedro Reyes
Pipilotti Rist
Rural Architectural Atelier
Sauerbruch Hutton
Lara Schnitger
Art Academy of Shanghai University
Shi Yong
Katharina Sieverding / Klaus Metting
Jude Tallicher
Tang Hui
Kosuke Tsumura
Wang Jiahao
Wang Shu
Wei Qingji
Weng Fen
Joseph Wong
Xiang Liqing
Xing Tonghe
Xu Bing
Yan Lei
Yang Qirui
Yang Fudong
Yang Zhenzhong
Zeng Li
Zhang Jianjun
Zhang Lei
Zhao Jianren
Zheng Li
Zheng Guogu

When the Shanghai Biennale 2000 was held with an eye toward internationalism and contemporary art, those who used to care about this important event felt it was a symbol of the healthy development of contemporary Chinese art.

The Shanghai Biennale, defining itself as the meeting point of "international" and "contemporary", must face, in terms of cultural approach, both "China" and the "world", and express its own viewpoint.

Viewing China through the process of urbanization provides a complex understanding of the great changes and schizophrenia that have occurred in Chinese society over the past two decades. This on-going great historical transformation is shaping China's contemporary culture. This culture is characterized by its high-tech towers and its rampant consumerism, by new forms of communication and assent, as well as by changing moral concepts.

In this contemporary context, unprecedented, brand-new relationships are taking place between the individual and the public space, humans and art.

With the theme "Urban Creation", 2002 Shanghai Biennale intends to set up a stage for discussions on the fast changing cultural pattern and life style at an unprecedented speed induced by the accelerating urbanization and the new style urban architecture which is transforming the Chinese scenario. Contemporary Chinese art has started to pay a close attention to the reality and to think about very hot problems like urbanization/countryside, tradition/contemporary, localization/globalization, preservation/development, heritage/creation.

Tags: Gruppo A12, Haluk Akakçe, Xu Bing, Monica Bonvicini, Atelier Bow-Wow, Angela Bulloch, Los Carpinteros, Po-i Chen, Eike, Leandro Erlich, Yona Friedman, Yang Fudong, Gelatin, Wang Gongxin, Zheng Guogu, Andreas Gursky, Lu Hao, Tang Hui, Li Hui, Pierre Huyghe, Tadashi Kawamata, Yan Lei, Ji Lei, Xiang Liqing, Lv Miao, Rob Pruitt, Li Qing, Zhang Qing, Lu Qing, Navin Rawanchaikul, Pedro Reyes, Pipilotti Rist, Lara Schnitger, Chen Shaoxiong, Katharina Sieverding, Lin Tianmiao, Ni Xiang, Miao Xiaochun, Li Yan, Shi Yong, O Zhang, Yang Zhenzhong