A lot of dust 2

08 - 15 Dec 2006

Group Exhibition: TANG Maohong, ZHANG Ding, etc.

“A lot of Dust 2” will be shown from December 8th to 12th in H Space. This exhibition, as creative and lively as the previous one, features the five same artists. Their individual languages develop their artistic experiences. Perceptual experiences of the young artist Zhang Qing produce a carnal confrontation. Animation film, filled with personal moods, by Tang Maohong, shows his heterotopian annotations about the society, beautiful and fragile. Zhang Ding, from Lanzhou, explores the different existing aspects of the society through an ice-cold eye. His installation and videos embody his northern origins and rough feelings. Jin Feng, from Shanghai, has always been influenced by the Chinese city. His vapidity and appeasements possess the particularities and feelings of the Chinese cities. Shao Yi, from Hangzhou, perpetuate the breaths of the scholars, his artworks, composed of Zen and introspection, reflects his thoughts about life, with a touch of Hangzhou’s mildness.
We have some good reasons to believe the sensitivity and intuition of these five artists: their own vision and experiences bring to our slow-witted thoughts a model of excellence.

Tags: Zhang Ding, Ou Jin, Tang Maohong, Zhang Qing, Li Qing, Lu Qing, Shao Yi, O Zhang