A Pile of Passion

17 Feb - 24 Mar 2011

Exhibition view
BIRD HEAD, MadeIn Company, YANG Fudong, ZHANG Qing, SHI Qing, SUN Xun, JI Wenyu & ZHU Weibing
17 February - 24 March, 2011

ShanghArt Gallery will hold the exhibition A Pile of Passion from February 28 to March 20, 2011. Participating artists include, MadeIn Company, Shi Yong, Xiang Liqing, Xue Song, Yang Zhenzhong, Shi Qing, Zhang Ding, Zhang Qing, etc, who will warm this cold beginning of Chinese New Year.

Jean-Paul Sartre said: “Man is a useless passion”. But “A Pile of Passion” here refers to these reciprocally abstract and concrete, simultaneously mobile and still, subtle and complex artworks. We intend to build a vast passion connection, penetrating artists’ working and creating process. The enthusiasm and inspiration of executing art, from artists’ minds, passing through their studios, are spread in the exhibition space, embodied into a poem on illusory bliss, installations composed of surplus material, a cyber ruins wanderer, a fearless bullfighter or dancer, views on an unconscious youth, even a fatal orange virus sphere...Let’s forget for a moment these useful or useless theories, and dash as before toward this pile of passion as much as life can exert.

Tags: N. Dash, Zhang Ding, Yang Fudong, Bird Head, Xiang Liqing, Li Qing, Zhang Qing, Lu Qing, Shi Qing, Xue Song, Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing, Ji Wenyu, Ni Xiang, Sun Xun, Shi Yong, O Zhang, Xu Zhen, Yang Zhenzhong