17 Dec 2007 - 17 Jan 2008

Installation View
Group Exhibition

Dec 17, 2007 - Jan 07, 2008

ShanghART Gallery, Bldg. 16 No. 50 Moganshan Road Shanghai, is now exhibiting a new show Aired which including representative paintings and photographies of Wang Youshen, Wei Guangqing, Liu Weijian, Shen Fan, Shi Qing, Pu Jie, Geng Jianyi, Jin Weihong, Wu Yiming, Liang Shaoji and Xue Song.
Among them, works of Wang Youshen, Wei Guangqing, Shen Fan and Geng Jianyi are the continuation of 85 New Wave - The Birth of Chinese Contemporary Art at the opening of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing. As the most important members of the 85 new wave of Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Hangzhou at the 80s of last century, their works have a very important situation on the Chinese contemporary art history.
Wei Guangqing is also helding a solo retrospective exhibition Zuo Tu You Shi at Hexiangning Art Museum in Shen Zhen. Wei Guangqing is a menber of Hubei new wave group "Tribe * Tribe" and a typical artist of "Pop Culture" in 1990s. He is good at searching visual resource from traditional culture by means of embezzling, juxtaposition, and collage in Pop which gives a multidimensional decipherment towards the Chinese social problems during the cultural molding period.

Tags: Shen Fan, Wei Guangqing, Geng Jianyi, Pu Jie, Ou Jin, Lu Liang, Lu Qing, Li Qing, Shi Qing, Liang Shaoji, Xue Song, Jin Weihong, Liu Weijian, Wu Yiming