Huang Kui

17 Mar - 07 May 2011

© Huang Kui
Installation view
My Projection is Focusing
17 March - 7 May, 2011

Who am I?
What am I?
Is “I” only a part, or all my body?
Would a person still be a whole when one of his organs has been replaced?
Could the transformation of time affect "me”
What’s the difference in term of entity, between the just born “I” and the philosophizing “I”? They would never share a same cell again.
Are the 4kg “I”and the 50kg “I” the same “I”?
Is the “I” who knows you and the “I” who doesn’t know you the same “I”?
What’s the difference between the “I”of half second ago and the “I” after that time?
What have I seen? What is the thing I’ve really seen?
Does “I” exist?
I might be a gathering of numerous projections of myself.
In multiple Universes, histories there are many projections of myself, and I never really existed.
As "I" start and finish to write these words, these "I" aren't me anymore. Where am I?
If I change those "me" into "you", then who are you?

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