Zhang Qing

18 Dec 2011 - 28 Jan 2012

Exhibition view
2011 Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Program
18 December, 2011 - 28 January, 2012

Subsequent to the solo exhibition Mao Yan in Dufftown successfully co-staged by ShanghART Gallery and Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Program in November 2010, this project continued to issue invitation to young new media artist ZHANG Qing in 2011 for his participation in Scotland. After preparation and creation for nearly one year, Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Program 2011 is now delighted to present cctv/Closed-Circuit Television - Solo Exhibition of ZHANG Qing in ShanghART Gallery H-Space on December 18th, 2011.

Recently ZHANG Qing pays a close attention to the study on closed-circuit television. Borrowing language mode from that system, the artist performs his experiments and opens up the discussion over the judgment of value and significance when we are engulfed by the mixture made from truth and illusion after stepping into another linguistic environment and social system from our own. Here, the monitors from cctv are unfolded to their spectators viewing from top to bottom. These pictures, either real or imaginary, intended or indeliberate, all provoke thoughts to blossom.

The artworks to be exhibited include video installation, conceptual installation as well as the single-screen video Learn from Tom Smith completed during Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Program. After field trip into working environment in the Scotch whisky factory, ZHANG Qing renders with journalistic irony a worker against the background of western capitalistic society and expects his viewers to experience the conflicts between various cultures in the language familiar to them.

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