Mama Showroom

Endless City

26 Jun - 09 Aug 2009


June 26 2009 - August 09 2009

Artists: a.o. Gyz La Rivière, Conny Janssen, Florian Waldvogel, Louisa Menke

This summer MAMA will present the multimedial project Endless City; a project in which we investigate the relationship between skateboardculture, public space and (visual) arts, with a sidelong reference to the ideas of the International Situationists. Endless City is a project that disintegrates into four related parts featuring the exhibition 720 ̊ (June 19th - August 9th)as the central work in our showroom.

The analogies between art and skateboardculture -the exploration of boundaries and bringing prevailing rules and notions up for discussion- offers interesting opportunities to explore new possibilities and utilizations for (the use of) urban public space. The project combines various aspects of contemporary exhibition practice, in media and audience as well as in presentation. Initiator of the project is MAMA / Public Art Squad Foundation, in collaboration with Gyz La Rivière, Florian Waldvogel and Conny Janssen.

Key work is a coproduction by MAMA and the Rotterdam artist Gyz La Rivière, 720 ̊, a new video-installation (click here for the interview with Gyz on 720 ̊).

Click the links below for more information about the different parts of Endless City

Endless City lines with the programme of the 4th International Architecture Biënnale Rotterdam

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