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Jun Fujita + John Tremblay

14 Mar - 11 Apr 2009

14 March - 11 April, 2009

This two person exhibition showcases the work of Jun Fujita and New York-based artist John Tremblay.
Fujita, who is also a drummer, uses geometric patterns and wavelike forms inspired by techno, jazz and punk to create paintings that give concrete form to the recurrent rhythms in these musical genres. Viewing his paintings produces a sensation that seems to sharpen and hone the senses, similar to that of listening to music.
Tremblay's small, organic quadrilateral and elliptical forms conform to a certain rhythm while also distinguishing themselves as unique shapes with an irregularity all their own, offering an escape from a purely surface-based approach to abstract painting.
Although Fujita and Tremblay share certain resemblances in the form of their work, this exhibition of both their works in the same space creates an illuminating contrast based on mutual counterpoint.

Tags: Jun Fujita, John Tremblay