Nina Canell

Energy Budget

23 Jun - 02 Sep 2018

Nina Canell, Gum Drags, Brief Syllables, installation view S.M.A.K. 2018, image Hugard & Vanoverschelde Photography
Nina Canell PERPETUUM MOBILE (25 kg), 2009 water, ultrasound generator, kom, zak cement water, ultrasound generator, bowl, bag of cement S.M.A.K. collection
Energy Budget
23 June - 2 September 2018

The Swedish artist Nina Canell (1979, Växjö) bases her practices on scientific research and chance circumstances. In her elegant sculptures and installations she combines natural and manmade systems and phenomena. She experiences sculpture as a very broad concept that also includes the space and the timescale in which the objects are shown. The surroundings determine the temperature, atmosphere and transformation of objects just as they in their turn shape what is around them.

Over the last five years, Nina Canell has created solo exhibitions for a variety of museums and institutions in Europe and Latin America. She has also presented her work in major group exhibitions such as Manifesta 7, the Biennales of Lyon, Liverpool, Sydney and Gwangju, and in the Scandinavian Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

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