Re: Painted

25 Jan - 27 Apr 2014

Marlene Dumas
Magdalena, 1995
25 January - 27 April 2014

n the spring of 2014, the ground floor at the S.M.A.K. will be devoted to paintings from the museum's collection, highlighting not only the special characteristics and background to the collection but also the painting medium in relation to its current status in the arts. A series of painterly motifs – including figuration, composition, gestures, abstraction and reproduction – will be explored throughout the seven exhibition rooms and assessed on the basis of their present-day relevance. The paintings on display will include works by Marlene Dumas, Francis Bacon, Koen van den Broek, Kees Goudzwaard, Karin Hanssen, Konrad Lueg, Henri Michaux, Jan Van Imschoot and Marthe Wéry.

Tags: Francis Bacon, Koen van den Broek, Marlene Dumas, Kees Goudzwaard, Jan Van Imschoot, Konrad Lueg, Henri Michaux, Marthe Wéry