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From the Relative Truth to the Absolute Error

19 Mar - 25 Apr 2011

19 March - 25 April, 2011

The exhibition From the Relative Truth to the Absolute Error by the Argentinean collective Etcetera... is the concluding contingent of the Statement exhibition What is to be done between Tragedy and Farce? by Chto Delat? that took place January – March 2011. Both collectives share common ground in their approach to political issues based on theatricality, estrangement, humour and self-irony. They also carry with them a profound responsibility embedded in local and international activist politics. Resisting the passivity and scepticism of relativist postmodernism, Etcetera... unlock their labyrinth of errors through an appraisal of the triumph of failure. The group exploits the exhibition stage as a temporary platform for the International Errorism Movement established in 2005. The movement exploits error as a fundamental human condition that is in direct opposition to capitalism’s eschewment of blunders and failures. The exhibition incorporates Chto Delat?’s new film Museum Songspiel: The Netherlands 20XX, co-produced by SMART Project Space and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven in 2011.

Formed in 1997 in Buenos Aires, Etcetera is composed of visual artists, poets, puppeteers and actors, most of who were under 20 at the time. They all shared the intention of bringing art to the site of immediate social conflict - the streets - and of bringing this conflict into arenas of cultural production. Etcetera... worked closely with human rights groups in developing and popularizing “escraches,” acts of public denunciation that seek a form of social justice not beholden to the state’s legal and judicial institutions. Employing humor and poetic discovery with deconstructive competence, Etcetera... forge a new kind of committed art: free of hackneyed rhetoric that is at times sarcastic and incorrect.

Realized by Federico Zukerfeld and Loreto Garin Guzman

Tags: Chto Delat, Etcétera