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Museum Songspiel: The Netherlands 20XX

19 Mar - 25 Apr 2011

19 March - 25 April, 2011

Chto Delat?

Realised by: Tsaplya (Olga Egorova), Dmitry Vilensky, Natalia Pershina and Nina Gasteva
Screenplay: Tsaplya (Olga Egorova), Dmitry Vilensky
Directed by: Tsaplya (Olga Egorova)
Music by: Mikhail Krutik
Choreography: Nina Gasteva
Director of Photography: Artyom Ignatov
Set: Dmitry Vilensky
Costume and Prop design: Gluklya (Natalia Pershina
Duration 25 min

Museum Songspiel: The Netherlands 20XX is a powerfully evocative film, set against the backdrop of the Dutch political scene in the year 20XX, it tells the story of a group of immigrants fleeing deportation by the State authorities. Having escaped transportation, the film follows the immigrants struggle as they seek refuge in the museum, under the assumption that this safe haven is the last bastion of free speech and supports the politically oppressed. When the refugees are discovered a cogent, stimulating conversation develops between the director of the museum, the curator, the artist, a t.v reporter and the museum attendants. The film is an eerie reminder that any system can become monstrous if its masters seal it off from challenge and change and if popular belief in it is blind and fanatical.

Chto Delat? is one of the most significant contemporary collectives of their generation who use the framework of art production to explore themes of political theory and activism set within the context of the history of their native Russia. The group is composed of artists, philosophers and writers who have been active since 2003. The film was produced during Chto Delat?’s three-month residency period at SMART Project Space, and was kindly financed by the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, SKOR and SMART Circle Trust. For more information on Chto Delat?:

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