Alex Hubbard

18 Feb - 19 Mar 2011

Exhibition view
Just Like Pants
18 February – 19 March,2011

Is your name Solomon?

NICK shakes his head.

Are you sure?

NICK nods.

Lemme see this.

The DOCTOR looks at the paper marker on NICK's neck.

Is this yours?

NICK nods.

This isn't yours. This can't be yours! I'm going to take this one
off and cut it up...
(he extracts a pair of scissors and does so)
Shred it... so no one gets a hold of it. What I'm going to do now,
I'm going to give you this one.
(he staples a new marker around NICK's neck)
There. How's that? Does that feel better?

NICK nods. The DOCTOR directs a finger at him.

That one's yours.

– "The Deer Hunter", Director: Michael Cimino, Universal Pictures, 1978


Alex Hubbard (b. 1975, Newport, Oregon) received his education from Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program. Recent exhibitions include "2010 – The Whitney Biennial", Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, "Greater New York", PS1 MoMA, New York; "Death Never Sleeps", The Kitchen, New York; "Bingo, wait a minute", Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis; "The Nice Thing about Castillo / Corrales", Castillo / Corrales, Paris; "Somebody had to do it", Maccarone, New York; and "Si, es necesario, House of Gaga, Mexico City.

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