Stella Lohaus

John Bock

04 Dec 2008 - 24 Jan 2009

© John Bock
Die Tiefe, 2008 (detail sculpture)

04.12.08 - 24.01.09

Ein Lümmel dreht am Wurzelrad.
Mehr Tuttifruttitopflappen an Backen ran,
ist doch alles Tabellenfehler.
So’n Bergmann schwenkt in seiner Kuttelsuppe.

Lecture 4.12.08 at 8 pm.

In this exhibition John Bock (G, 1965) displays three large works:


In August 2008 John Bock was invited to Trento. He used the area of South-Tyrol and the Italian mountains as inspiration for a performance taking place in a cable-car railway that shuttles between the valley and the summit of a mountain. Central to this work is the floating condition. It never arrives, it perennially shuttles. The connection between the two points is a cable that – not unlike a magnet – exercises attraction and repulsion as well as exhibiting a particular elasticity. The recipients of the lecture are co-travellers in the cable car. They are addressed and take part in the conversation. The theoretician gradually and logically formulates new ideas when going up, undermining them when descending, the logic once more replaced by chaos and everything Dionysian. The theoretician and the ‘Iso-Schizo-Ich’ merge.


In Graz John Bock gives a lecture in which more theories are explained. The recipients are being woven into the diagrams (these are the three-dimensional elements in the large picture on the wall). Here different things come together: a Xenakis-piece is being accompanied bv a glockenspiel in glass. It then changes into a drawing before turning into a mountain story. A cross-diagram is built up, excerpts from old films are scattered into the ‘Rezipientenhaufen’ (various portraits round the travelling case) and there are injuries. The large piece of paper, which is ten metres long, sums up the whole event.

“Die Tiefe”

At the centre in ‘Die Tiefe’ are the intestines of a U-Boat, a submarine, on which the captain-lieutenant is busy checking the valves. While he is repairing the valves, he defines the ‘liquid existo’ torpedoes, consequently sinking two ships. The captain-lieutenant is eating sardines and puts a curve of maggots against a curve of fingernails, which the maggot sucks from. A destroyer fires and sinks his boat. The captain-lieutenant dies a horrible death. Only his little sailor has managed to survive thanks to a ‘life-U-boat-boat’.

Attention: gallery closed between 24.12.08 and 7.1.09. Happy new year !!!

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