Stella Lohaus


17 Mar - 07 May 2011

Invitation poster
Jana Dahyn,Wolfgang Dehnbund ltd. u. Manfred Pernice
17 March - 7 May, 2011

The invitation/poster for pleaseFragile is based on an image that was recovered after a computer crash. Traces of the crash are clearly visible through various horizontal bands of colour and shifts in the image. Several components shape the metaphor for this exhibition as it is the gallery’s last one. The title makes a request not to touch the ties and foulards which are displayed in the boutique as they are made of silk, a delicate fabric. The gallery shows itself as a fragile construction. The show depicts works and a situation of transition.

From one of his travels in Ghana, Wfg. Dehnbund takes home two tableaus. Written postcards are used to put in a solid basis the relationship with the father and the brother for once and for all. Family bonds are portrayed as a soluble compound through a touristic ritual act. Shirt and hat are left behind as a compound-frame/casing.

Jana Dahyn shows a bacchanalian construction of waste with inwrought beach paraphernalia. The artificial material offers links with festive victor worship with a symbolism of mortality (vanitas), which has been outdated for quite some time.

Manfred Pernice’s oeuvre also deals with transience. The variety of wooden shapes does not appear in its original setting. The displayed works rather seem to have shift in time, as being located before or after the ‘exhibition’: have the elements just been delivered, or have these works of art already been exhibited and are they awaiting transport? In both cases ‘being shown’ denotes an apparent situation that doesn’t fit. Or is an exhaustive sculptural repertoire not practical anymore?

The exhibition put together by Manfred Pernice revolves around the themes of detachment and non-concordance (incongruity). The mural “Vakwerk” is a collaboration between Wfg. Dehnbund, Jana Dahyn and Manfred Pernice. In a visual and pseudo-constructive way it seems to offer support.

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