Susan Hobbs

Jeremy Laing: Mirror-vase.jpg

09 Sep - 14 Oct 2023

Jeremy Laing makes objects, spaces, and situations for embodiment and relation. Through the synthesis of craft, conceptual, and social modes, their work explores the interrelation and transitional potential of people and things, materials and meanings, and questions the normative logics of who and what matters, is valued, or not.

An object sits in front of a mirror; “vase” is the word we know to describe, or translate, what we see reflected. “Vase” names both the object and its image, but what the object is could perhaps best be understood by an experience of its materiality, and how it came to be. A piece of clay, thrown on a wheel, shapeshifting, turned into a vessel through the concatenation of external constraint and expansive centrifugal force, holding, in its void, a content that is the shaping of itself.

Mirror-vase.jpg consists of new and ongoing works by Jeremy Laing that consider the gallery a vessel – here a vessel for vessels – where, and through each, material and making processes serve as stand-ins for, and conduits to, experiences of personhood.