Susan Hobbs

Leaking Logic: Surabhi Ghosh and Patrick Howlett

30 May - 06 Jul 2024

Over the years, Patrick Howlett and Surabhi Ghosh have visited each other’s studios regularly, finding shared curiosities and motivations which span painting and sculpture as well as material interests, sensibilities and processes. Leaking Logic comprises new works developed from a collaborative exchange and informed by their ongoing dialogue.

Patterns and architecture recur as formal and thematic references. Both Howlett and Ghosh explore the accumulation of material and form within the two-dimensional picture plane and three-dimensional inhabited spaces. Bodies, food, clothing, built environments, and socio-spatial contexts are seen as nesting vessels, interiors that contain while being contained. They are bounded yet permeable forms that accrue lived experiences, hiding and exposing glimpses of the ongoing passage of time and continual movement through space.

As they fluctuate between ornament and foundational structure, patterns appear, disappear, and reappear in partial views, cut fragments, and leaky layers.