Susan Hobbs

Liz Magor: Stealth Style

09 Sep - 14 Oct 2023

Liz Magor’s sculptural work explores the ontology of familiar objects and the belief that all objects are subject to change, including those we choose to live with and wear. And although everything deteriorates at different speeds over time, what can alter quickly is our interest in them. These things that are made, used, and discarded persist, sometimes even longer than we do. Once free from our utility and demands, there is room for them to fulfill their own narratives. In quieting down our desires, there is space for objects to reveal what is latent. Through this process, they emerge re-contextualized, their material presence generating different responses.

In Stealth Style, Liz Magor gathers a collection of vintage textiles, garments, and objects that have been discarded and damaged by moths. Placing them in the gallery space, they are no longer garments but art objects. A tactic that ensures they will be cared for and given the freedom to continue their cycle of being.