Susanna Kulli

John M. Armleder

13 Jun - 25 Jul 2015

13 Juni – 25 Juli 2015

All photos bought by John Armleder in NY at a small photo fair. A collection of celebrities, many from the movies and music biz, shot while taking photos themselves. Sort of reversed paparazzi situation, or also the guy in the picture taking pictures too. Most of them are press photos, original prints. Some are credited verso, others not. Most people recognize the famous people on the picture. 88 b/w photographs on photopaper size each: 25,7 x 20,3 cm / 10.1 x 8 in

John Malkovich Tom Conti & Mary Tyler Moore, 1964 A Kennedy among the Masai Jill Clayburgh Lauren Hutton Stewart Granger & wife Jean Simmons Maurice Chevalier (1934) John Cassavetes - a world under the influence Jackie Bisset Alain Delon (yellow...) Shirley MacLaine Ingrid Bergmann, Yule Brynner, 1956 Norman Fell & Michael Constantine Robert Vaughn & Elke Sommer Silvester Stallone Lauren Hutton, Géraldine Chaplin Sache Stallone (wife of Silvester P.P. Dee Roth, 1968 Marlon Brando Marie Osmond & Dirk Benedict Yule Briner Joan Crawford, 1966 Barbara Streisand Liz Taylor & Michael and Eddi Fisher Ethel Kennedy, Marlon Brando (?) Cher & Gene Simmons, 1979 Candice Bergen, 1977 Nancy Sinatra & Heeb Alpert Jill Clayburgh Bing Crosby & Earl Wilison Jann Darlyn & Bob Cummings Caroline Kennedy Shirley MacLaine Robert Wagner Red Skelton & wife Gregory Peck & his three sons Anthony Perkins among others

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