Taka Ishii

Yukinori MAEDA

07 Feb - 07 Mar 2009

© Yukinori MAEDA
”Universal LOVE #1”, 2009

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce, “UNIVERSAL LOVE”, a solo exhibition by Yukinori MAEDA. This, the debut solo exhibition of MAEDA with the gallery, will consist of a light installation composed of three elements: an illuminated space named “UNIVERSAL LOVE”, photographs and a sound piece produced by Jue and Anoa.

In a field
I found a memory in myself
a light freed from deep within

I am the sky you are the sky
I am the bird you are the bird
I am the sun you are the sun
I am the universe you are the universe

I am the light you are the light

Eternal light

Yukinori MAEDA's (b.1971) early activity as an artist included his participation in a group exhibition “study”, presented by Taka Ishii Gallery in 2003. This was followed by his inclusion in further group exhibitions: “Magic village COSMIC WONDER Yukinori Maeda”, MU Art Foundation, Eindhoven, 2005; “Space for Your Future”, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2007; “Light Construction”, Center for COSMIC WONDER, Tokyo, 2008.

In 2008, MAEDA's work was featured in multiple international art fairs such as LA art, Los Angeles; Frieze Art Fair, London; and at Art Nova, Art Basel Miami Beach where he made a solo presentation “LIGHT DEPOSIT”. This consistent international presence has greatly strengthened MAEDA's appeal both domestically and abroad.

The central theme of MAEDA's projects has consistently been “light”. He has exhibited installations, consisting of reconstructed images of found-photographs, objects, lighting systems and sound systems linking with the wavelength of light.

In one recent work “LIGHT-SOUND SYSTEM” presented at LA art, 2008, MAEDA created a highly experimental installation in which light and a 4,300Hz high-frequency sound wave delicately interacted. In stepping into this installation, a visitor’s cognition for light was enhanced thus raising the inherently transcendental effects of the light.

In his installation “Light Lodge” at “Space for Your Future”, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2007; MAEDA also attempted to create a space with spirits of the light, a space in which viewers could encounter such spirits. Moreover, he endeavored to make a space where lights meet, accumulate and appear in his installation “LIGHT DEPOSIT” at Art Nova, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2008.

For the upcoming exhibition, the gallery will present MAEDA's latest installation “UNIVERSAL LOVE”. The work duplicates his experience in a grassy field, attempting to demonstrate that the world of light exists -regardless of temporal axis- by recapturing an aesthesia once experienced.

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