New Kids of the Block

16 Mar - 11 May 2013

© Michael Pfrommer
untitled, 2012
water colour, ink, pencil on paper on canvas
59 x 78 cm
16 March - 11 May 2013

Never was TANAS so young! Asked to curate an exhibition, Ayşe Erkmen invited some of her former and present art students to stage, together with her, an exhibition at the TANAS project space in spring 2013. During a first meeting in Berlin, the young artists, born between 1968 and 1990, conceived the title New Kids of the Block. Erkmen tought at Städelschule in Frankfurt/ Main between 2000 and 2007 and has been professor for sculpture at Kunstakademie Münster since 2010.
This international group show – 23 artists from seven countries: Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Spain, Israel, South Africa and USA – covers a wide range of issues, media and techniques. Sculptures, video installations, photographs, paintings, and drawings will be presented.

Ayşe Erkmen and many of the participating artists will be present at the opening of New Kids of the Block on Friday, 15 March, 6 to 9 p.m. A booklet will be published: 104 pages, German/ English, approx. 50 colour photographs, short texts and biographies, available for 3 Euros.

Participating artists: Ayşe Erkmen, Melanie Bisping, Bo Hee Choi, Sunah Choi, Dani Gal, Stephanie Gudra, Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt, Jonas Hohnke, Sun-Hwa Lee, Michaela Meise, Esther Mittermeier, Nadia Pereira Benavente, Michael Pfrommer, Sascha Pohle, Stephanie Regenbrecht, Mandla Reuter, Jihun Song, Anne Staab, Dino Steinhof, Samuel Treindl, Nasan Tur, Birgit Wichern, Adrian Williams.

Tags: Sunah Choi, Ayşe Erkmen, Dani Gal, Özlem Günyol, Mustafa Kunt, Michaela Meise, Sascha Pohle, Mandla Reuter, Nasan Tur, Adrian Williams