Sakir Gökcebag

12 Aug 2012 - 03 Feb 2013

Sakir Gökcebag
Prefix & Suffix
12 August 2012 - 3 February 2013

With his solo exhibition Prefix & Sufix, Sakir Gökcebag, born in 1965 in Turkey, gives proof of his virtuosity in fusing puns and creation thus producing astounding objects, sculptures, collages, and photographs. For this purpose he finds simple media and banal appliances of daily use such as brooms, shoes, umbrellas, cutlery, wire, and paper rolls. So he does not use noble materials of his predecessors in art history like marble and bronze, but happily enjoys the humble offers of everyday life.

He shares his preference of simple, cheap objects and appliances with many Fluxus artists, as much as his pronounced sense of humour and playfulness. At the occasion of his exhibition at TANAS, Sakir Gökcebag (after Maria Eichhorn, Mona Hatoum, Romuald Hazoumé, Dan Perjovschi, and the artists' group Superflex) will be awarded the four-yearly George Maciunas Prize.

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