Taro Nasu

Tomoko Atsuchi

26 Jun - 24 Jul 2009

© Tomoko Atsuchi
Manebu -Imitating is Learning-, 2009
oil on canvas
140.0 x 140.0 cm
"The Snake Nest"

26 June - 25 July, 2009

Gallery Hours: 11:00-19:00 Tue. - Sat. Closed on Sun., Mon., and Public Holidays
Reception for the Artist: Friday 26 June 6-8pm

Born in 1984, Tomoko Atsuchi is currently a graduate student at Kyoto City University of Arts.

Influenced by the work of John Currin and Neo Rauch, Atsuchi's paintings are clearly representational, although their brush strokes also have a strong tendency towards abstraction. Either the series of portraits or landscapes, Atsuchi's work has a unique humor that hints at new possibilities for the next generation of Japanese painters.

In this first solo show at TARO NASU, 10 paintings including a 180x350 cm sized large work would be exhibited.

Tags: John Currin, Neo Rauch